Nuestro Trabajo/Our Job: A Poem

Aug 30, 2017
10:05 AM

WASHINGTON, DC — August 14 2017: Protesters gather outside the White House to rally against white supremacy. (Photo by kellybdc/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license)


I’m burning up

there are very few numbers left

my saviors found in every corner

satisfy only when I surrender

to surrender is an act of faith

Faith is an act of love

Trust me let’s surrender

I’m sick in two languages and yet I still remember

your eyes that one rolling November

embers of Marches of truth

the circle it will close sooner as soon as more then 1

remembers. Closing circles of division, of anti-fellowship, of hate, let’s make that our job

let’s restore the peoples long unseated from the throne lets wake up the grandmothers of old let’s play games let’s work on letting it all collapse- what will remain once the system of shock is no more? Who knows… heaven only knows —let’s dare the Gods to find a pain greater then ours— we dream the nightmares of our ancestors in languages dead to our oppressors. Dishwashers, teachers, workers, wake up, wake up, wake up.


Carlos Rodríguez is an educator at Verbum Dei High School in Watts, CA. You can follow him @CarlosMRodrig89.