Watch Maria Hinojosa’s Emotional DACA Words on MSNBC (VIDEO)

Sep 3, 2017
1:00 PM

On Saturday morning, award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa was on MSNBC’s AM JOY show and made an emotional defense of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which President Trump is about to stop (if we believe him).

Here is the clip of Hinojosa’s comments, which show her almost breaking down when she began to talk about one DACA recipient who asked her, “What did I do?”

“And I can’t believe that I am getting emotional, because in fact,” Hinojosa said, “these kids represent the best, right? Represent the total best. And I think for them, we have to realize is that they’re dealing with being flood victims [stories of DACA recipients during Hurricane Harvey]. Like right now, it’s going to be a flood that is going to be decided by a couple of men, let’s say General Kelly, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions and Donald J. Trump. And the point is that they’re going to be suffering and that the words that everybody is using in regarding Harvey and Houston and Louisiana, is resilience and love and compassion, and you’re going to make a decision that is basically going to shock these kids’ lives and change everything for them because of politics. Because frankly, Donald J. Trump did say this. This was a campaign promise. And you know what? They’re a lot of people who are saying, you know what, can you just deliver on one thing?

Here is the full clip: