Pew Confirms What We All Knew: Since Trump, Mexicans’ View of US Lowest Level in 15 Years

Sep 15, 2017
8:46 AM

File this one under, “duh.”

A new report released Thursday by the Pew Research Center confirms what we have all been feeling ever since Donald Trump started his campaign in 2015 essentially insulting Mexicans and Mexican Americans. According to Pew (and we quote):

Mexico’s perception of its northern neighbor has shifted dramatically in the past two years. Currently, roughly two-thirds (65%) of Mexicans view the U.S. unfavorably and 30% view the U.S favorably, an all-time low for the country since Pew Research Center began measuring U.S. favorability in 2002. This represents a complete reversal in Mexicans’ views: In 2015, 66% were favorable toward the U.S. and 29% were unfavorable. The 36-percentage-point drop in favorability is the largest across 37 countries surveyed by the Center. And the intensity of Mexicans’ distaste for America has grown: The share that holds a very unfavorable opinion of the U.S. has increased since 2015, from 6% to 42%.

Here is how Pew has tracked this since 2002. As you can see, do you notice where exactly the jump from 29% unfavorable to 65% unfavorable happened?


You remember, 2015, right?

Not surprisingly, Mexicans’ view of the current U.S. president are ridiculously low as well.

Yes, that says 5%.

We are shocked! Shocked!

Meanwhile, you can read the entire Pew report below.