A Public Google Doc Is Listing Names of People Rescued or Still Missing From Mexico City Earthquake

Sep 20, 2017
10:05 AM

In response to Tuesday’s earthquake in Mexico City that has already killed more than 200 people, a public Google Doc that is being crowdsourced online is listing the names of people who were once missing but were now rescued, but also lists people who are still reported missing.

You can access the spreadsheet here. As of this posting, close to 700 people have been identified as being rescued, with five people listed as missing.

In addition, #AyudaCDMX is trending globally on Twitter on Wednesday morning. Accounts are tweeting new news, requests for help and where best to donate.

Furthermore, TOPOS, the organization that helps rescue people from earthquakes, is asking for donations:

Another critical and underreported part of this story is that epicenter of the earthquake actually impacted area around Puebla, too. The following thread from @QueerXiChisme provides very pertinent information: