Helping Puerto Rico Recover After Hurricane María: Please Give What You Can

Sep 21, 2017
11:36 AM

Photo by Francisco Varela (Latino Rebels)

On Wednesday, we at Latino Rebels decided to create an online Generosity fund to help our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico rebuild after Hurricane María.

Our goal is simple: to use our social community to give whatever they can to help.


Hurricane María is the worst storm to hit Puerto Rico in decades. Texts from our Latino Rebels team, our family and friends (before the power went out on the entire island) kept telling us that they have never seen anything like this. Government officials have said that María “destroyed” Puerto Rico, and early reports indicate that damages will be in the billions.

We want to help Puerto Rico to recover and rebuild. Anything you can give will be donated to organizations like ConPRmetidos and the Maria Fund or other organizations that will directly help people. These are legit organizations and we will send the money directly to them


Please give what you can. Even if it’s just $5. It will ALL HELP.