These Heartbreaking Hurricane María Images From Puerto Rico Will Forever Be Etched in Our Memories

Sep 21, 2017
10:25 AM

It has been a rough couple of days for us here at Latino Rebels, especially because several of us are either in Puerto Rico or have family in Puerto Rico, and we have been trying to contact people down there to see how they are now that Hurricane María has passed the island. Luckily for us, we have contacted some of our contributors and family members, and they are all safe. But they have no water, no power (unless they have a generator) and the relief efforts have begun. Meanwhile, the images coming out of the island floored us on Wednesday, and here are some of them that hit us hard:



Toa Baja



San Juan Mayor



Relief Efforts

This is a devastating time, and we are in contact with several people and organizations that are helping with relief efforts. We started our own fund that will get money to legitimate organizations on the island. Meanwhile, our local New York City contacts have begun to set up relief efforts to send supplies to the island:

Other organizations like the Maria Fund and ConPrmetidos are also accepting donations.

A #PuertoRicoStrong page was also formed that lists events and other efforts. A Puerto Rico Maria Updates page has also been set up. There is also a public Google Doc that lists communication status with different towns in Puerto Rico.

In addition, a new Unidos Por Puerto Rico page has just been created: