Trump’s Immigration Letter in Cutting a DACA Deal Is Just a Farce

Oct 9, 2017
12:34 PM

We do have to share what President Trump made public on Sunday regarding a supposed “bipartisan” deal to save DACA and DREAMers, because it’s pure bs.

As expected, Trump’s letter is getting slammed. By Chuck and Nancy, as well as immigration rights group. Here are just a few reactions:

United We Dream

Greisa Martinez Rosas, Advocacy Director:

Holding immigrant youth like my sister and I hostage unless the rest of the country buys into a racist mass deportation agenda is immoral and disgusting. Again and again, it’s clear that when it comes to immigration, any common sense that might come out of the White House gets crushed by the real man in charge: Jeff Sessions and his loyal staffer Stephen Miller. Tonight’s list is their attempt to bring the rest of the White House back in line with their sick worldview. The immigrant youth of United We Dream are calling for a clean Dream Act because we know we are in a life and death moment. It is a bipartisan bill with the support of the American people, a long history and it would pass tomorrow if Republican leaders allow it to get a vote. Democrats and all those who support immigrants must hold firm to their values and not fall for Sessions’ games because his games kill people. Ever since Trump killed DACA, immigrant youth have been on Capitol Hill courageously sharing our stories and building momentum for a clean Dream Act and we are just getting started. We are here to stay will continue to fight for what is right.”

National Immigration Forum

Ali Noorani, Executive Director:

Let’s be clear: it is Congress’s job to write and pass policy and the President’s job to sign it into law—not the other way around. The White House is jeopardizing the real progress that moderate and center-right Republicans and their colleagues across the aisle have already made toward crafting an immigration reform policy that can pass Congress and protect Dreamers and the country’s economy. Congress is in control. They should continue their work, ignore the noise, and remain resolute in their efforts to craft a solution that can pass with bipartisan support and the support of the law enforcement, faith and business communities as well as immigration advocates all over the spectrum.

Dream Action Coalition

Cesar Vargas, Esq. Co-director:

We are always open to a serious discussion with the White House on modernizing our outdated immigration system. However, we will not tolerate a deal that essentially helps one group of immigrants only to persecute another group, specially refugee children from Central America escaping violence. The White House’s immigration principles aka Stephen miller’s nationalist and white supremacist agenda will not be a basis for any deal. We have the American people on our side, we have the numbers on our side, we have both Republicans and Democrats on our side and we will continue push for a clean Dream Act with no strings attached.