Watch How Two Sports Dudes Whitesplain SDSU Students for Voting to End Aztec Mascot

Nov 13, 2017
8:11 AM

If there is a specific example of how to whitesplain the latest news that the San Diego State Univerity’s student senate voted 52-15 last week to end the use of the Aztec Warrior as the school’s official mascot, look no further than what Mike Costa and Steve Hartman of Fox Sports San Diego said. It’s pretty cringeworthy and essentially mocks any position that tries to look at this issue through a real critical lens.

Meanwhile, according to the SDSU’s student paper The Daily Aztec (see?), the decision to get rid of the mascot will need to be decided by the school’s president:

The final version of the resolution was a combination of two resolutions the University Senate discussed during the meeting, the first of which included a call to retire the current human representation of an Aztec — a figure commonly seen in the stands at sporting events.

It also recommended the university retire use of spears or “weapons that connote barbaric representations of the Aztec culture.”

The second resolution called for creating a task force that will investigate and make recommendations regarding the appropriateness of the continued usage of the Aztec moniker.

The task force will also make recommendations regarding an education component in relation to the Aztec identity.
This was an advisory vote, meaning that university president Sally Roush will be advised of the vote. She may approve or reject the resolution as a whole, or choose to adopt only parts of it.