On the Day Puerto Rico Gov’t Said 50% of Power Generation Was Achieved, the Lights Went Out Again

Nov 15, 2017
2:38 PM

November 15 was the day Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rosselló and his administration had set a goal that the island would be at 50% power generation during the now almost two-month recovery from Hurricane María.

That information was posted on status.pr at 6am on November 15:

A few hours later, there was a major power outage:

Soon enough, that 50% number had changed.

The following is a series of tweets that translate the government’s official press release to the power outage:

Meanwhile, journalist Manuel E. Rivera‏ tweeted the following about the power outage:

“A source tells me that they forced the system to reach the 50% power goal. Upon doing so, it created immediate demand, causing the system to collapse. It will be denied, but the source is a good one.”