Watch San Juan Mayor Yulín Cruz’s Message Two Months After Hurricane María

Nov 20, 2017
4:40 PM

Earlier on Monday, San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz shared the following video, two months after Hurricane María hit Puerto Rico:

This is what Yulín Cruz said:

My name is Carmen Yulín Cruz and I am honored to be mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Two months ago, devastated our island. We have no food, no water, no electricity and we were unable to take care of the most weakened amongst us. We thought help was on its way, but the Trump administration wasn’t up to the standards. They simply didn’t do their job and they didn’t treat the people of Puerto Rico with the respect and dignity that we deserve. Now the Congress of he United States continues to impose crippling policies on Puerto Rico. A 20 percent excise tax which will raise the cost of imports of Puerto Rican products will continue to devastate our economy. Inequality, an impoverishment of our population is the rule of the day. So I want to thank everybody on the Unity March for Puerto Rico for having one voice in one country and for letting the world know that we are not forgotten. We need the help, but most of all, we need the big heart of the American people, to pour itself into Congress and to the Trump administration and tell them no, we are not done and we will not be done until everybody in Puerto Rico has been treated with respect and dignity. Thank you for not forgetting us. Thank you for keeping the spirit and the fight. Thank you for keeping Puerto Rico alive.