Smithsonian Magazine LITERALLY Dehumanizes Immigrants With Piece About ‘Immigrant Mongooses’

Dec 6, 2017
9:41 AM

Hey, we get that science reporting is important but sometimes it goes too far. Case in point, a December 4 article from Smithsonian Magazine called “For Immigrant Mongooses, It Can Take Time to Earn Society’s Trust” and the subtitle, “In some species, however, deporting your own family members is the norm.”

The piece, written by Joshua Rapp Learn, begins like this:

The article summarized a study that 1) doesn’t talk about immigration policy and 2) doesn’t talk about deportation. In fact, the study is pretty interesting but here’s the thing: it has nothing to do with the human costs and realities of immigration enforcement policy.

Real human migration and the policies that try to control it is a real tragedy. Case in point:

Trivializing deportation and separation with “immigrant mongooses” is insulting.

Hit it, Gollum: