Our New Music Obsession Is Olivia Borjas, an Amazing 10-Year-Old Girl DJ From Chicago

Dec 10, 2017
10:04 AM

During a time when it seems that all we read or write about keeps us pessimistic about the world, along comes 10-year-old Olivia Borjas, an amazing Chicago-based DJ who is capturing our hearts with her joyful Facebook Live parties that make us smile for hours.

DJ Livia is where it’s at, as you can see from Saturday’s four-hour jam.

Even boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is a fan, according to a recent profile. And her Instagram page is pretty amazing too.

This video from Ellen’s show featured DJ Livia when she was eight years old.

“Keep chasing your dreams and don’t let any adult tell you that you are too you to do this,” DJ Livia told Telemundo Chicago in November.