Mexico’s Milenio Newspaper Says That Repatriations From US Have Decreased in Trump’s First Year

Dec 29, 2017
10:19 AM

Here is what Mexico’s Milenio newspaper reported on Wednesday: repatriation of Mexicans in the United States decreased 27 percent in 2017, Donald Trump’s first year in office, when compared to 2016, Barack Obama’s last year in office.

Latest government statistics, according to Milenio, said that from January to October, there were 135,000 repatriations from the United States. In 2016, that number was near 200,000.

As of November, the Mexican government listed 2017 repatriations from the U.S. at more than 151,000 people.

The Milenio report also said that remittances from Mexicans in the U.S. increased by 7 percent in 2017, topping more than $23.9 billion in money sent back to Mexico. It also said that, according to the Mexican government, there were 626,000 repatriations in 2010 and 283,000 repatriations in 2015.

According to 2017 statistics from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Mexico tops the list of removals, but there has also been  decrease from 2017 to 2016. During Obama’s last year in office, ICE removed 149,821 Mexicans. In Trump’s first year in office, that number was 128,765.

Department of Homeland Security spokesperson told Bloomberg that the decrease in the Mexico data was a result of “effective tools like expedited removal” that “have led to increased deterrence.”