Trump: ‘If We Have Support From the Democrats, I Think DACA’s Going to Be Terrific’

Jan 4, 2018
12:55 PM

Earlier on Thursday, President Trump weighed on the possibility of a possible bipartisan deal on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This is what he said.

Hopefully, everything’s going to work out very well. We really want it to work out. I can tell you the Republicans want to see it work out very well. If we have support from the Democrats, I think DACA’s going to be terrific. We have people that have been working on this issue for a long time. As [Sen. Lindsey Graham] said, as others have said, we really are at a point where I think we can do something spectacular for the people on the border, the people coming through. We have to be careful because there’s a drug epidemic the likes of which we’ve never seen in this country. We need protection, we need the wall, we need all of those things, and frankly, I think a lot of Democrats agree with us—when they see what’s happening, when they see the kind of problems we are having at the border, they really understand it. Whether they’ll vote that way is another situation, but they really understand it. So we want to thank you all for being here. We have a great spirit going in the Republican Party. I think it can be bipartisan. I hope it’s going to be bipartisan, and we can take care of a lot of problems. We can take care of a lot of problems. It would be really nice to do it in a bipartisan way.