Remezcla Drops Gustavo Arellano Two Days After Making Him an Editor-at-Large

Jan 6, 2018
12:23 PM

We are going to try and tell this story in some tweets. Here is what we know.

On January 3, writer/editor/columnist Gustavo Arellano tweeted this:

Initial reaction was generally positive:

But not everyone thought it was a smart move:

Those who didn’t like the move kept referring to some old tweets from Arellano:

Remezcla’s Twitter lost a couple of hundred followers in a day:

On Thursday, Remezcla tweeted this:

The same day, Arellano tweeted this:

Some celebrated the move:

Some slammed it:

And others got philosphical about it:

Arellano weighed in a bit more after the decision:

And the context of Arellano’s tweets are showing up:

And sadly, the campaign against Arellano has crossed the line too:

Just another week in the world of Latino digital media. What do you think?

UPDATE: After we published this piece on Saturday, @QueerXiChisme tweeted this to our account on Sunday: