We Watched the Jimmy Kimmel ‘DACA vs. MAGA’ Segment and It Troubled the Crap Out of Us

Feb 4, 2018
12:43 PM

Yes, we watched the Jimmy Kimmel video called “DACA vs. MAGA.” While we understand why Kimmel did what he did and yes, it did show that there are plenty of extreme Trump voices that will never change their position about undocumented immigrants, the segment was also troubling to watch, because it fell into the same trap that so many mainstream voices have fallen into: that we can only focus on the “good” immigrants who are the most patriotic and “American.” Why is this on the burden of DACA recipients? Why couldn’t Kimmel turn the tables on the fact that his segment gave prominent voice to members of known hate groups? But in the end, maybe this type of conversation helps, but we are not 100 percent convinced. Watch and decide for yourself.