Do Latinos Cry More?

Feb 9, 2018
2:40 PM

One of the essential questions of life, “Do Latinos cry more?,” is the central theme of this newest podcast from our friends at NPR’s Latino USA. Titled, “It’s My Podcast and I’ll Cry If Want To,” LUSA producer Antonia Cereijido breaks it all down. Four years ago, Cereijido was only an intern and still in college when she did what a lot of people do when they’re not sure what their life will look like after graduation: she cried in the bathroom. After wiping her eyes and returning to her desk, she tried to comfort herself by calculating how many other Latinos had cried at the same time she had. Which led her to ask herself: do Latinos cry more that other people, on average? Thus began her strange and lachrymose journey into the world of crying.