Immigrant Youth Launch WALK TO STAY HOME From New York to DC

Feb 13, 2018
6:08 PM

The following was sent to Latino Rebels on Tuesday by The Seed Project:

NEW YORK, NY — The deadline for DACA protections to end gets closer every day and Democrats show no sign of using their power to protect the undocumented youth, while Republicans draft legislation that will drive the immigrant community deeper into the shadows. When they backed down and passed the Jan 19th spending bill without Dream Act legislation, House Democrats once again failed to give their promised support to undocumented youth.

Starting on February 15th, 11 DACA recipients and 15 supporters will be marching from New York City to Washington, D.C. on The Walk to Stay Home. Along the way, over 50 other immigrants and allies will join their journey, and the group will hold rallies in cities with the support of the Seed Project. The 15-day walk will conclude with a mass protest at the capital where the Undocumented Youth will show members of Congress that they have broad public support and refuse to be used as pawns in politicians’ ratings game. Currently, approximately 800 DACA recipients lose their protections each day. By the end of the two-week walk more than 1,000 youth will be losing their ability to stay home daily. The Walkers demand a clean Dream Act that would grant permanent protection for themselves without driving their families and the rest of the undocumented community deeper into the shadows. They demand it now.

WHO: 11 Undocumented Youth and Allies launch into 15 day 250-mile walk  from New York to Washington DC to demand Congress to Pass a Clean Dream Act with 300 Allies Rallying to see them off

WHAT: Kick Off Event for the Walk to Stay Home from New York City, Battery Park to the Washington D.C. Capitol Building

WHEN: February 15, 2018 at 11:00am

WHERE: Battery Park, New York City, NY – World War II Memorial Steps

“Everyday I wake up to read the latest news reports. Reading quotes from politicians, both attacks and promises about my existence,” said Hector Jairo Martinez, a New York DACA recipient from Brooklyn“It is time for us, undocumented youth, to once again step out of the shadows and make a simple demand, let us stay home.”

“I have thought about the impact the walk will have on those who love and cherish me most, because I know that this will be a collective walk, not only with my fellow walkers, but also with the families and friends we leave behind while we embark on this journey,” said Miriam Nunez, who came to the United States with her parents when she was six months old. “What concerns me most is whether or not this will touch the hearts of those who haven’t decided that undocumented youth need a clean Dream Act, because that is what we need—permanent protection.”


The Seed Project is a campaign of Movimiento Cosecha, a nonviolent movement fighting for permanent protection, dignity and respect for all undocumented immigrants in the country.