A Gripping Podcast About the 28 Mexican Migrant Workers Who Lost Their Lives in a 1948 Plane Crash

Feb 16, 2018
1:50 PM

Earlier on Friday, NPR’s Latino USA dropped a new podcast about the 1948 Los Gatos plane crash, which led to the deaths of 28 Mexican migrant workers and the four American crew members. The story looks into how these 28 lives were almost forgotten, until a Mexican-American author named Tim Hernandez began to investigative who these people were. Before Hernandez’s quest begain, these 28 lives were buried in a mass grave under the following sign: “28 Mexican citizens who died in an airplane accident near Coalinga.”

Give the podcast a listen here:

Most people might know about this story through Woody Guthrie’s famous song, “Deportee (Plane Crash At Los Gatos).”

Featured images: Ramón Paredes Ramírez (left), Guadalupe Ramírez Lara (right) (Photos courtesy of Jaime Ramírez)