The Supreme Court Ruled That Detained Immigrants Can’t Get Bond Hearings While in Detention

Feb 27, 2018
11:37 AM

On Tuesday morning, the Supreme Court ruled on the case of Jennings v. Rodriguez. Without getting into the details of the case, this is what Scotus Blog perfectly summarized about the what the court ruled: “The Supreme Court essentially held, many years ago, that detained aliens cannot be held indefinitely for constitutional reason. In this case, the Ninth Circuit used that holding to say that the immigration statutes themselves required bond hearings every six months to avoid indefinite detention. The Court said: That’s not right, the statutes don’t say that. But it remanded for the Ninth Circuit to consider whether the immigrant had valid constitutional claims regarding his detention.”

This is the decision:

And here are some good tweets that explain the reprecussions of the decision, including from Cecillia Wang, Deputy Legal Director of the ACLU: