‘Trump’s War on Gangs’ Looks at the Real Victims of His MS-13 Crackdown

Apr 11, 2018
1:10 PM

On Wednesday, Al Jazeera’s Fault Lines published a new report about how President Trump’s MS-13 policy is (not surprisingly) profoundly impacting mostly Latino immigrant communities.

The Jazeera team headed to Long Island to find out the real story about this crackdown.

“Many of the arrests have taken place in immigrant neighborhoods, targeting residents from Central America,” Al Jazeera reported. According to the report, correspondent Natasha del Toro and Fault Lines highlighted how “in many cases, unaccompanied minors have been targeted and detained, without sufficient evidence to tie them to MS-13.”

“The episode also examines the relationship between ICE and local police, and how that partnership has spread fear in immigrant communities,” the team noted, “leaving young, Central American teenagers in particular feeling trapped between a gang and the U.S. government.”