Mexico Continues to Militarize Its Border: Where’s the Outrage?

Apr 16, 2018
5:25 PM

Just a reminder that when U.S. cable news media was going apeshit over the news that President Trump was planning for National Guard troops to “stop” a caravan of Central American refugees, the government of Mexico was also pushing for a militarization of its own southern border with Guatemala. As the following Facebook video from last Tuesday in Mexico City with Chiapas governor Manuel Velasco Coello with Mexico interior minister Alfonso Navarrete Prida shows:

We checked to see if U.S. English-language media was really covering this story. Like REALLY covering it with the same outrage as it did with Trump.

It wasn’t.

Only thing we saw in English was from TeleSur.

Which is why the U.S. English-language cable news media continues to simplify this debate. Instead of wanting to inform the U.S. viewing public of policy like the Mérida Initiative that essentially makes Mexico an immigration enforcement partner of the U.S., all we get it Trump wall talk. We never get to discuss how U.S. policy, with complicity from Mexico, is the direct cause of Central American migration.

That topic is too complicated, we guess, but let’s be real: Mexico’s current government is complicit with Trump. No more. No less.