The ‘Deportation Bus’ Advertising Georgia GOP Governor Candidate Can’t Get Any More Racist

May 15, 2018
9:06 AM

On Sunday, the Facebook profile of Ana Clavel shared the following four photos from Georgia. Since then, the photos have been shared more than two thousand times. The four photos of are a “deportation bus” filled with some of the most blatant xenophobic and racist public language we have ever seen. The photos are also show that the bus is a moving campaign advertisement for Michael Williams, a GOP candidate for Georgia governor.

Photo via Ana Clavel/Facebook

Photo via Ana Clavel/Facebook

Photo via Ana Clavel/Facebook

Photo via Ana Clavel/Facebook

There’s also a video:

Williams, who is one of the candidates in the GOP primary in Georgia, also got endorsed by Latinos For Trump. Yay, self-hate!

Meanwhile, if you think Williams is just some extreme Georgia Republican aberration, here is one of his opponents:

Scared yet?

Maybe, maybe not, because Williams is polling at just 3 percent in a recent GOP primary poll from Atlanta’s (BTW, that Kemp guy with the rifle? He’s at 17 percent.)

1. In the Republican primary for Georgia governor, how do you vote?

35% Casey Cagle

17% Brian Kemp

10% Hunter Hill

8% Clay Tippins

3% Michael Williams

27% Undecided

There are still a lot of undecided voters, though, as this late April poll from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows:

But this is Georgia, which has some of the most extreme immigration laws in the books right now.

Ok, one more thing: looks like the whole deportation bus thing backfired. Watch this: