VIDEO: Lacking Birth Control Options, Venezuelan Women Turn to Sterilization and Illegal Home Abortions

Jun 12, 2018
1:39 PM

The following short documentary comes from The Intercept, which published a featured story about how some young Venezuelan women are choosing sterilization at a time when they lack other birth control options. Here is the documentary:

According to The Intercept, “Daisy Squires, a freelance filmmaker based in London, and Lou Marillier, a freelance videographer and journalist based in Sweden, write about Venezuela’s official reproductive health policy, which includes giving women small stipends for every new child born and funding national campaigns for free sterilization days in public hospitals.”

Based on their reporting, The Intercept said in a media release, “the country’s skyrocketing inflation, combined with the effects of U.S. sanctions, the high cost of contraception and Maduro’s refusal ;to open a humanitarian aid channel or recognize the depth of the crisis,’ has led to young women (even those with just one child) being sterilized—and to one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in Latin America.”