Mr. Rogers’ Widow Tells Megyn Kelly That Her Husband Would Be Speaking Out for Immigrant Children If He Were Alive Today

Jun 13, 2018
10:58 AM

During an Tuesday appearance on Megyn Kelly TODAY to promote a new documentary about the legendary Fred Rogers, Joanne Rogers, Mr. Rogers’ widow, was asked by Kelly what her late husband would say now about how divided America has become.

Joanne Rogers’ answer?

Immigrant children.

“It would be about the children,” Joanne Rogers said. “It would be about the immigrants who are having children taken, the children themselves. And it breaks my heart. And I know it breaks everybody’s heart.”

Kelly offered no real follow-up to the answer, and kept moving along. Seriously, like NO follow-up. The section of this interview begins at around 9:03. Kelly changes the subject about 40 seconds later.