Sessions Says, ‘We Do Not Want to Separate Children From Their Parents’

Jun 18, 2018
2:51 PM

This happened Monday at the National Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference in New Orleans. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the one who created the zero tolerance policy in April, is now telling people that the government of the United States doesn’t really “want to separate children from their parents.”

“We do not want to separate children from their parents,” Sessions said. “We do not want adults to bring children into this country unlawfully, placing them at risk.”

“But we do have a policy of prosecuting adults who flout our laws to come here illegally instead of waiting their turn or claiming asylum at any port of entry,” Sessions continued. “They can go to our ports of entry if they want to claim asylum, and they won’t be arrested. We cannot and will not encourage people to bring children by giving them blanket immunity from our laws.”

By the way, that whole line about asking for asylum at ports of entry? Yeah, that it getting harder and harder to do.

And oh yeah, after that part of the speech, Sessions took it to the same propaganda of the past: MS-13.

Sessions wasn’t the only one who spoke in New Orleans on Monday. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen gave a speech as well, where she noted that DHS wouldn’t apologize for the work they are doing on immigration.