After Calling Someone a ‘F•cking Beaner’ and ‘Stupid F•cking Mexican’ on Video, California Man Offers Non-Apology Apology

Jun 29, 2018
7:41 PM

Earlier on Friday, FOX 26’s Twitter page posted the following video of a man in North Fresno, Calfornia going off on a racist rant after a fender bender. The video contains graphic language, but it also explains itself.

To summarize, the man in the video told the father of Nicole Gonzalez that he “ought to ship your fucking ass back home where ever you’re from.” He continues to call Gonzalez’s father a “fucking beaner, motherfucker” and “stupid fucking Mexican.”

A few hours ago on Friday, the man who had no problem hurling racist insults at someone else went on Facebook to offer a 22-second “apology.” Here is what Dan Kuehne said on Facebook: