New Infographic Shows Harmful Effect Fear of Deportation Has on Mental Health

Jul 11, 2018
5:01 PM

Part of the infographic from the online MSW program at the University of Southern California.

A new infographic from the online MSW program at USC School of Social Work shows how the fear of deportation is taking a toll on the mental health and overall wellbeing of undocumented immigrants. The report titled “Facing the Fear of Deportation” also focuses on the mental health effects of deportation on children.

According to the infographic, immigrant children being separated from their families are particularly vulnerable to the traumatic effects of toxic stress. The infographic shows the short-term and long-term effects that fear of deportation can have, as well as the barriers to accessing mental health resources. 

Living under fear of deportation causes toxic stress which affects the body and mind by delaying development. It also puts one at risk of contracting a number of health issues including depression and heart disease, the report states. It also states that neglect, exposure to economic burdens or violence and lack of a support system are all factors that contribute to a declining state of mental health.

See the infographic below. It is also available here.