American Generosity? (A POEM)

Jul 13, 2018
9:51 AM

Photo by SLOWKING (License)


Alex Azar
Former drug company executive
Secretary of Heath and Human Services
Calling the stealing of Central American babies
Ripping apart of families
Such zero tolerance immigration policies
An act of American generosity

We see past this fallacy
Camouflaging realities

of abuse and corporate money making
We’ll have no part of this complacency

We know these are crimes against humanity

Rooted in a legacy of war funding
Exploiting our lands and communities
Devastating economies
Falsely cast as generosity

Don’t sell us your mythology
Call it what it is
White supremacy
Patriarchy, and
U.S. imperialism


Gilda L. Ochoa teaches Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies at Pomona College. Her latest book is Academic Profiling: Latinos, Asian Americans and the Achievement Gap.