What Is Happening With UndocuMedia? (PODCAST)

Jul 29, 2018
8:44 PM

UPDATE: On August 3, Iván Ceja announced his resignation from UndocuMedia.

On July 23, Karla Estrada wrote a piece on Medium that raised serious allegations against Iván Ceja, executive director and co-founder of UndocuMedia. Karla’s very honest and brave words have led to several accountability questions about Ceja and UndocuMedia. We spoke with Karla about what this all means.

Since Karla’s piece came out on July 23, others have also written about UndocuMedia. Here are some of those pieces and posts:

Also, this Twitter thread by César Miguel:

UndocuMedia co-founder Justino Mora, who supports Karla, posted the following on Facebook on Saturday:

Latino Rebels reached out to Ceja and Barragán on Sunday for comment. Neither of them have responded.