What Happens When a ‘Whiter’ Version of Yourself Replaces You? This DREAMER Short Video Explores Just That

Jul 30, 2018
9:52 AM

Over the summer, writer, actor, director and Emmy-winning producer Eddie Mujica let us know about his latest video project, called DREAMER.

According to Mujica, DREAMER “is based in part on my experience in Hollywood as a light-skinned Latino and deals with the timely issues of immigration, DACA, and the literal ‘Dreamers.’  Set in the near-future, a Latino comes home one day to discover he’s been replaced by a “whiter” version of himself.  This dark, satirical short draws influence from Black MirrorGet Out and The Matrix.

Mujica wrote the story and plays the main character. A Cuban-American from Miami, Mujica is a Second City alum, as well as an alum of the 2016 CBS Diversity Showcase and the 2017 NBC Late Night Writers Workshop. He has produced videos for Broadway Video’s Más Mejor and curates a monthly all-Latinx variety show at Second City Hollywood.

DREAMER was directed and edited by Chris Sturgeon, an Austin native who wrote for the 2015 and 2016 CBS Diversity Showcase. His previous short, “COUPLES: Movie Night,” was a finalist in the 2017 NBC Shorts Festival.