Lawyers for GEO Group Private Prison Company Threaten to Sue Dream Defenders: And Activists Fight Back

Aug 6, 2018
11:31 AM

Here is an update from Dream Defenders, as first reported by The Miami New Times. Apparently, the GEO Group, a private prison corporation that we have written about for years, is suddenly undone that Dream Defenders is facing them head on.

As the New Times article states:

On Friday, GEO sent a cease-and-desist letter to Dream Defenders, a Florida group that has organized statewide protests against GEO and, in July, convinced the Florida Democratic Party to stop taking any donations from private-prison companies like GEO. In the letter, GEO claims that Dream Defenders are using “false information” to incite violence against GEO facilities.

Part of the letter stated: “It is clear that Dream Defenders published knowingly false statements regarding GEO in an attempt to incite others to engage in potentially violent and harmful behavior directed at GEO facilities.”

Dream Defenders responded with their own letter. One part of their letter said this:

We will not back down in the face of your baseless threats and attempts at intimidation. You will not silence us. You will not quell our fire. You will not win in this fight of right and wrong because, well, you’re wrong.

Until you cease and desist from profiting off of the incarceration of our communities, and the politicians you bankroll are no longer in power, we will continue speaking the truth about your practices, as loudly as we like.

You can read each letter here:

Dream Defenders is calling for an August 7 national day of action against Geo Group.

You can also see what Dream Defenders had to say about the letter and response in a Facebook video it posted on Monday: