We Kind of ALL Missed This: In May, Man Was Found Guilty in ‘Guat Hunting’ Hate Crime Murder

Aug 22, 2018
4:56 PM

In reviewing recent stories of hate crimes against Latinos, we found out that the 2015 hate crime death of Guatemalan teen Onésimo López-Ramos in Jupiter, Florida, was in the news again this past May when local Florida media reported that David Harris was found guilty for first-degree murder.

A August 22 search of Google News showed Harris’ verdict in local news outlets, but that’s about it. No real national coverage (except for this?). At all. No outrage. No presidential tweets. Nothing.

At the the time of the 2015 hate crime, police said that the three teens involved were “Guat hunting,” specifically targeting people of Guatemalan descent.

According to a report about Harris’ conviction in May, Circuit Judge Samantha Schosberg Feuer sentenced the 22-year-old to life imprisonment, plus “additional 15-year term for a related charge called aggravated battery while committing evidence of prejudice.”

“David Harris destroyed and decimated [López-Ramos’] skull,” Assistant state attorneys Jill Richstone said in a story from the Sun Sentinel. “He’s the one who sent him straight to his death.”