Here We Go Again: Angry White Lady Caught on Tape Threatening to Kill Latino Neighbors in Indianapolis

Aug 30, 2018
7:44 AM

It all started on August 26, when the Facebook profile of Luvia Roman posted the following two public videos, showing a woman (later identified as Vicki New) threatening to kill Roman and Miguel Rios, also in the video. It all stemmed from a property line dispute.

This is the first video:

Here is the second one:

Soon enough, news about the Facebook videos made local Indy media: “Police in Indianapolis are investigating after a woman was caught on camera hitting her neighbors and threatening to kill them. People living in the Brookstone neighborhood say this is far from the first time police have been called.” This is wild.

Here is what Newsweek reported:

Roman told Newsweek that there have been disputes over property lines in the past and to resolve the issue, she purchased the signs, the woman agreed to have them put up and a police officer put them in the woman’s yard.

However, on Friday night, when Rios and Roman came back from dinner, the signs had been thrown in their driveway. On Sunday, while Rios was cleaning his car, he put the signs back up in her yard, where the officer had placed them, which is when the confrontation ensued.

By the way, the woman was FINALLY arrested, as local Indy media reported on Wednesday:

A woman caught on video earlier this week attacking her neighbor with yard signs is now behind bars.

Three days after RTV6 first shared a neighbor’s video of Vicki New tearing up yard signs, hitting them and threatening to kill them police showed up at New’s home. 

According to the local report, “New has been preliminarily charged with criminal trespass and battery resulting in bodily injury.”