In ‘Interview’ With Geraldo Rivera, Donald Trump Keeps Disparaging Puerto Rico

Sep 24, 2018
4:25 PM

In yet another rambling interview, this time with Geraldo Rivera, President Donald Trump kept up his Disparage Puerto Rico Tour, covering themes from the incompetence of the island’s local government (ok, he might have a point there) to his lack of any empathy towards the Hurricane María death count to his views of statehood and San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz. The rambling starts around the 12 minute mark of the “interview,” but it you can’t bear to listen, just catch the tweet threads below for ACTUAL QUOTES.

Here are some of the “highlights:”


Meanwhile, Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rosselló, the island’s top pro-statehood voice, issued the following statement about the Trump interview, making sure to not mention Yulín Cruz by name:

“Today President Donald Trump made an unfortunate statement regarding the unequal and colonial relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico.

“The President said he is not in favor of statehood for the people of Puerto Rico based on a personal feud with a local mayor. This is an insensitive, disrespectful comment to over 3 million Americans who live in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico.

“Equality for the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico is the biggest civil rights issue in the United States. Americans in the island cannot vote for their President and do not have voting representation in Congress yet are subject to federal laws. This undemocratic relationship has gone on for over 100 years.

“Since World War I, Puerto Rican soldiers have fought hand in hand in all major military conflicts on behalf of our nation, the United States, yet our servicemen and women have no say in the government that sends them to war and cannot elect their Commander-in-Chief.

“How can the United States make the case for democracy at the United Nations this week, when they have under their flag the most populous colony in the world? I urge all political leaders in the nation to define their views towards our quest for equal treatment for the U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico.

“While a Presidential candidate, Trump said that the will of the Puerto Rican people in any status referendum should be considered as Congress follows through on any desired change in status for Puerto Rico, including statehood. Moreover, the GOP 2016’s political platform explicitly recognized Puerto Rico’s 2012 status referendum and supported statehood.

“Twice in the last 10 years, Puerto Ricans have supported, with their vote, equality through statehood. In democracies, the will of the people is not subject to the whims of one person.

“I am confident that in the months ahead that we will get the support of members of Congress and the White House to achieve full equality through statehood for Puerto Rico.”

By the way, this whole statehood thing? It’s complicated. But you knew that already, right?