Immigrant Advocates Host ‘No Business With ICE’ Actions in Boston, New York City and Grand Rapids

Oct 1, 2018
9:30 PM

On Monday, actions and protests were held in Boston, New York City and Grand Rapids, Michigan, under the banner #NoBusinessWithICE, an ongoing campaign coordinated by Movimiento Cosecha targeting county governments, sheriffs and private companies who have contracts with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and are complicit in the deportation of immigrants and the separation of immigrant families.

“We know that ICE relies on so many institutions and companies to function day in and day out. And we know that if our counties stopped allowing ICE to use their jails, and if companies cut their business contracts with ICE, it would be impossible for ICE to function,” said Maria Fernanda Cabello, an undocumented organizer with Cosecha. “We are rising up to demand companies and institutions end their complicity with ICE and the deportation machine. We will show that the American public is on the side of immigrant families—not Trump and his deportation machine.”

Cosecha Massachusetts is demanding #ICEOutofSuffolkCounty and targeting Suffolk County Steve Sheriff Tompkins.

“ICE has no place in Suffolk County and we won’t be complicit with the human exploitation, family separations, indiscriminate and unjust deportations that Suffolk County is inflicting on our immigrant community,” said Dalia Llera, an organizer with Cosecha Massachusetts. Advocates dropped two banners outside the Sheriff’s office this morning and marched to the South Bay Detention Center, which ICE uses to detain immigrants through a contract with Suffolk County.

Cosecha New York City led a march to the Microsoft Store on 5th Ave, where a banner was dropped that said “No Business With ICE.”

“In the past few years, the moral crisis of immigrant detention and deportation has become increasingly apparent to me and the general public,” said Jesse Ortiz, an organizer with Cosecha NYC. “We must demand more of the companies we buy from. We must demand Microsoft ends its complicity with the deportation machine! If they continue to do business with ICE, we will continue to get in the way of their business.” This comes after a summer of protest against Microsoft for its complicity in the deportation machine. In the last few months, Cosecha NYC has led multiple actions against Amazon for developing technology that enables ICE to target and deport immigrants.

Cosecha Grand Rapids led an action at the Waters Building, protesting Edmark Development Company’s complicity in renting office space to ICE.

“It’s not only law enforcement that works with ICE. It’s the transportation companies, leasing companies, technology companies, airlines and banks,” said Gema Lowe, an undocumented mother and organizer with Cosecha Grand Rapids. “The system is complex, but in that complexity lies opportunity. We can continue taking action until the pillars that support the detention and deportation machine crumble.” Cosecha Grand Rapids is also leading a campaign to #EndTheContract between Kent County and ICE, and have led multiple disruptions, petition deliveries, and rallies pressuring the county commissioners to end the contract.

These actions and campaigns are part of a growing #NoBusinessWithICE movement that launched on July 31, with actions in more than 10 cities, resulting in 25 arrests. Since launching the campaign, Cosecha activists and local partners have organized actions targeting tech companies like Microsoft, Palantir, Amazon, PenLink, and Salesforce, educational institutions like Northeastern, and county governments and sheriffs in Kent County and Suffolk County for their contracts with ICE.

Leaders from different cities gathered in Boston in August to form a #NoBusinessWithICE National Network. Local teams are growing in cities across the country and are continuing to take action and lead campaigns to end all contracts with ICE. California is planning a statewide day of action for #NoBusinessWithICE for later in October.


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Movimiento Cosecha is an immigrant-led movement fighting for the permanent protection, dignity, and respect of all immigrants in the US. In addition to the #NoBusinessWithICE campaign, Cosecha is leading campaigns for drivers licenses for immigrants in New Jersey and Michigan. campaign is national day of action is supported by other organizations at a local and national level. For more information, visit