Woman Telling Spanish Speakers to Talk English Gets Shut Down by Another Woman

Oct 3, 2018
10:25 PM

This week’s example of TODAY IN RACISM comes from the Facebook profile of Faby VelSa, who posted the following video on Monday:

Along with the video, Velsa posted the following in Spanish:

Yo nunca pensé que esto me fuera a pasar a mi. 
Estábamos una amiga y yo platicando en la tienda en español y de repente llega una señora a insultarnos que si vivíamos en este país no teníamos que hablar español que tendríamos que hablar sólo inglés. Gracias a la otra muchacha (que no conocemos) nos defendió y llamó a la policia, Y creo que se llevaron arrestada a la señora que nos estaba agrediendo. 
Siempre vi los videos en las redes y me daba coraje y hoy, que fue mi caso puedo decir que sentí una gran impotencia.

Here is our translation of that post:

I never thought this would have happened to me.
We we were with a friend and I was talking Spanish in the store and suddenly a woman shows up and begins to insult us, telling us that if we live in this country, we shouldn’t be talking in Spanish, only in English. Thanks to the another woman (we didn’t know her) who defended us and called the police. I think they arrested the woman who was attacking us.
I have always seen videos on social networks that gave me courage, and today, when it applied to me, I felt helpless.

As you can imagine, the video has gotten some attention.

Apparently, this occurred in Colorado. And the woman who defended the women is Kamira Trent.

Trent’s Facebook profile is getting a lot of love this week.

Here is just one of the hundreds of comments being posted:

On behalf of all Hispanics/Latinos that are living in fear in this country—thank you so much for standing up to bullies and standing up for us. It takes tremendous courage to not know someone and stand up for them when they are being ridiculed. Thank you so much for that. You have no idea how much it means to our community. ?