Latino Rebels Radio Earns Best Multicultural Podcast Nomination From iHeart Radio

Oct 22, 2018
1:05 PM

On Monday morning, we found out that Latino Rebels Radio earned a Best Multicultural Podcast nomination from iHeart Radio for the network’s inaugural Podcast Awards, which will be held January 19, 2019 in Los Angeles.

Seriously, it’s true. Look.

We are super honored to be nominated and also to be a part of a GREAT group of podcasts, some of the best in the business.

If you want to support us on our run for an award (yes, we are the underdog in this race—you know, independent, alternative radio will always be), help us by voting for us here.

You can vote up to the five times a day. We would appreciate all the love you can give us.

So don’t forget to vote by going here.

As for us?

We are so so damn happy to get this news. Latino Rebels Radio has been around for four years, and our show continues to grow all because of our fans. We are true “guerrilla radio,” having hustled on the show for years.

“This amazing nomination is a huge win for all the independent creators out there,” Latino Rebels founder and host Julio Ricardo Varela said this morning. “Latino Rebels Radio is true independent, DIY podcasting. We have been grinding this show out for years, just focusing on the stories and interviews we do. Keeping our voice strong. We always felt that the show would get an audience and recognition. This is amazing news that speaks to all the hard work and Sunday nights we put in. This is a complete honor for us.”

Latino Rebels Radio, now part of Futuro Media, is featured on Audioboom. It is also on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart or wherever you get your podcasts.

A special thanks to the Latino Media Collective for being a guest host of the show too!

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