Media Note on Migrant Caravan: These Are Human Beings

Oct 23, 2018
7:29 AM
Originally published at Define American

Just weeks before the midterm elections in the United States, anti-immigrant hate groups and the Trump administration are begging American media to take note of a seasonal caravan of peaceful families from Central America. These families are fleeing violence and lack of economic opportunity and hoping to raise awareness about the conditions in their nations of origin.

In 2013, Define American led a successful effort to get the Associated Press to change its style guide. Since then, dozens of news organizations and hundreds of journalists have taken our #WordsMatter pledge, agreeing not to use dehumanizing and factually incorrect language when referring to or writing about immigrants.

Similarly, Define American strongly encourages all news organizations choosing to cover this issue to understand the facts and to avoid use of overly politicized, sensational, xenophobic language when referring to those attempting to walk towards our southern border.

Media should equally be aware of the sources that they are quoting and receiving information from, as some anti-immigrant hate groups are using this to intentionally promulgate misinformation.

*After a public outcry, the AP replaced the above tweet.



Kristian Ramos is Communications Director for Define American.

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