NBC and MSNBC Run Racist Trump Political Ad, and THEN the Non-Apology Comes AFTER the Fact

Nov 5, 2018
11:54 AM

The RACIST AF official Donald Trump political ad that essentially lies and criminalizes every Latin American immigrant ever (because you now, the CARAVAN is coming!), was actually broadcast by NBC during Sunday night’s Patriots-Packers football game (you know, the show that averages about 20 million viewers each week) as well as MSNBC on Monday.

As expected, it was stupid decision, a quick grab for ad money.

Now on Monday morning, NBC is pulling the ads and has also offered a non-apology apology:

The question still remains: why run the ad in the first place? It was racist and full of lies. And no, we aren’t going to fact check it. We don’t NEED to. The ad was always mierda, and anyone who has helped amplified it and profited from it is just as complicit.

But we know the real answer, no?