And Now a Word From Our New ‘Fans’

Nov 14, 2018
10:09 AM

Here at Latino Rebels, we get a lot of emails and pitches and comments, and to be honest, we read them all. Recently, however, we have been getting some very “interesting” commentary from people who creating anonymous emails to write about us and what we do.

The following is an ACTUAL EMAIL we received this week. We are printing it as is (unedited with typos) so you can get a glimpse of the kind of “fan mail” we get on a regular basis.

Name: None of your bussiness

Pitch Us Your Story!: It figured that someone from a communist country would come over here and try to tell us AMERICAN’S about our immigration problems 90% of your Demo is wrong so let’s get down to the real problem here you people are always ragging on President Trump but you Liberals never ever point out the real problems like in all 3 Latin America countrys there is wide spread violence the people there are robbed and intimidated on a daily basis but not a one of you so called writer’s print a word about any of this and I’ll tell you exactly why you people don’t write about any of this negative stuff happening in Hunduras Gautamala /El Salvador /Mexico /none of you people write about the violence over there because you all are scared that they will send a hit squad to kill you all just like they do the journalists in all those Latin Countries and you know that I am telling you the honest to gods truth all of you all are cowards that like to pick on an old senial man such as our current president yeah he says a lot of crazy things but he also has his good points if a country imports 50 million people who are somewhat illiterate and can only clean hotel rooms or do construction work or pick produce exactly how many of those people do you think that we all need in this country so you do the math a country with a lot of people who can’t defend themselves or create any kind of wealth is a country that won’t exist very long because there wouldn’t be anyone left to defend there country or grow wealth they would only know exactly how to clean hotel rooms and do some menial construction nothing like a high rise or anything but common construction that is all that they would be capable of you see exactly where I am going with this so write the truth you people know that chain MIGRATION is bad for our country within 50 years we won’t even know our own country because we will be over run by Latin people as well as African people not Black American’s people who Ancestors were former slaves im not talking about them Because I am one of them myself I’m a Black American who was Born and raised in the Great State of Mississippi so I’m talking about all the Nigerians/ samalian/and all of the rest of them because they are all liers /cheaters /thives/and a lot of other negative things so please lay off Trump and print the real truth these people from all over the place are not needed here in our country so they can stay in there own Country’s just like they are doing now in South America like venisula or paru or chilli it really doesn’t matter to me because this is the country that my Ancestors were brought to over 500 years ago so we don’t know anything else but this country and to be perfectly honest with you it also belongs to us just as much as the white man or the native because we have been here just as long as both of them have so yes the 14thAmendment was written for us not the Latin people or anyone else just former slaves and there children you people just want to Include everyone because since it was written just for us all the other Nationalities just figured that as long as no one is paying attention we can slip by as being legal they won’t say nothing about it for the next 200 years but no that didn’t happen we caught it much earlier and we have 6 states taking it to the supreme court so we are going to see exactly how this works out I’m willing to bet you my life that we win our case and all illegals that come into our country legally children will not get citizenship unless they have became an American citizen which will take at least 10 years or more so if they have any children during that time limit that child would not be eligible for any type of health
Care or welfare or anything else just like they do in China so that’s the way it is and it’s going to stay at least for a short time to come…

And if you feel like you didn’t get enough, here is another one (also unedited)

Name: Latino Rebel

Pitch Us Your Story!: Latino rebel has caused much insulting, Degrading, Mocking, FALSE Comments against President Trump, and some administrators causing MORE Damage and More Division and MORE Violence to American Society. What do you NOT understand about Illegal Undocumented Immigration breaking the Laws of a country. GOD DAM Latino Rebels and Your GOD DAM Cancerous CHILDREN and YOUR GOD DAM Family. There are People All over the WORLD waiting to come to this Country LEGALLY, but your Latino Rebels and the Hispanic ILLEGAL Immigration Supporters CARES MORE ABOUT YOUR ILLEGAL HISPANIC IMMIGRANTS RATHER THAN THE SAFETY AND LIVE OF AMERICAN CITIZENS, and YOU Know its TRUE, Because You and many Hispanics are RACIST, IGNORANT, and BIASED and you CARE MORE about your ILLEGAL UNDOCUMENTED HISPANIC LATINO PEOPLES BEFORE AMERICAN CITIZENS! Other countries do NOT Tolerate your ignorance. Tell your Latino people to STOP OVERPOPULATING AND TO STOP HAVING BABIES THAT THEY CAN NOT TAKE CARE OF. THAT IS PATHETIC AND DISGUSTING AND EVIL. THANK GOD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. American Citizens and their Children were getting MURDERED and KILLED for YEARS in this country and many of the murders were from Mexicans and your Latinos peoples , see the statistics. You have All of South America but you can NOT get your EVIL Shit together , so you support this ILLEGAL Immigration Insanity. Go See the BODY COUNT at “IN-Complete KNOWN” Victims at:
and there are THOUSANDS of VICTIMS Not even Mentioned in this List.

Please Tell and Email the Victim’s Link to All People .

Citizens like Kate Steinle, G.R., Jamiel Shaw and Bologna Children, J.W., Sheriff D. Oliver, Det. M. Davis, Josh Wilkerson, Baby Reedy, And THOUSANDS of VICTIMS have been KILLED by ILLEGAL Undocumented immigrants for YEARS Before Donald Trump Ever thought of Running for President, and Many of the KILLINGS Should Have NEVER HAPPEN. Many of the MURDERS Could have been PREVENTED if America Protected its Borders and STOPPED Illegal Immigrants. Read Ann Coulter’s book “Adios America” and she how many people and NEWS MEDIA did not properly report the crimes, and Ann Coulter does NOT EVEN Mention the THOUSANDS of Citizens KILLED. Rep. Rinaldi called ICE and had a fight because of your ILLEGAL Immigration Latino shit, and what the HELL DO YOU NOT understand about ILLEGAL UNDOCUMENTED Immigrants. Are you kidding me, You have the Audacity to MOCK a Representative for CALLING ICE or an government Agency because you got LOTS of ILLEGAL and or LEGAL Latinos ARGUING FOR MORE “ILLEGAL” UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS.” GOD DAM You and YOUR Latino ILLEGAL Immigrants and YOUR GOD DAM CURSE CHIDLREN and YOUR GOD DAM FAMILIES. I told these People that you will NEVER be Satisfied Until you Populate ALL of North America, and you know its DAM TRUE. YOU “PRIDE” yourself in OVERPOPULATION, just like South American Yet you can EVEN take care of YOUR OWN CHILDREN, now thats PATHETIC. I HAVE PEOPLE FROM ASIA AND INDIA THAT ARE EVEN AGAINST YOUR ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION SHIT. They said that their country do NOT tolerate this shit. But for many Americans in this country, they want your ILLEGAL Immigration Undocumented Immigrants because of CHEAP LABOR, and just like many in South America, THEIR GOD IS THEIR MONEY and THEIR CHILDREN and their OVERPOPULATION PRIDE. You know its true, many of your Latino people, and some other countries, Have Children that they can NOT take Care of because they are Pathetic, LUSTFUL, Evil and their Judgement Day is Coming. That is WHY I realized that I was affected by this ILLEGAL UNDOCUMENTED immigration shit that Happen years Ago and I am going to that it to the JUDGES and COURT System in this country , and EVERYONE KNOW that this Country can NOT Protect its borders, and its Citizens. This country does NOT even KNOW how many ILLEGAL Undocumented Immigrants are in this country. They have been saying 11 millions for YEARS, and so People say its more, AND YOU KNOW DAM WELL THAT MANY JOBS AND CAREERS AND OPPORTUNITIES WENT TO “ILLEGAL” UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS RATHER THAN AMERICAN CITIZENS, AND YOU DAM WELL KNOW ITS TRUE, BUT AGAIN, YOU COULD CARE LESS, Because You care MORE about YOUR Hispanic Latino ILLEGAL Undocumented Immigrants Instead of America Citizens Welfare, and You Know its TRUE, because you and Many Latinos are a RACISTS, BIASED, DISCRIMINATING. How many Latino Peoples HIRE Americans? In this country, All the Nuclear and Military Weapons can NOT even protect American Citizens and their Children because this country has been INVADED for YEARS. Go read documents and “Adios America” and see HOW Many Politicians IN this Country CARE MORE ABOUT THEIR MONEY RATHER THAN THE SAFETY AND LIVES OF THEIR OWN CITIZENS, AND GOD BE WITNESS, AND YOU KNOWS IT TRUE. THIS COUNTRY CAN NOT PROPERLY PROTECT ITS CITIZENS AND CHILDREN AND IT STUPID BORDERS. STOP OVERPOPULATING AND STOP KILLING AMERICAN CITIZENS. DEEP IN YOUR HEART , WE KNOW WE HAVE TO HELP PEOPLE IN THEIR OWN LAND, BUT THERE ARE TOO MANY EVIL PEOPLE THAT DO NOT EVEN GO BY THEIR OWN LAWS. DEEP IN YOUR HEART, YOU KNOW DAM WELL HOW MANY LATINOS ARE “JEALOUS” , “JEALOUS” OF THE WEALTHY PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY, AND ITS NOT JUST LATINOS HISPANICS, BUT OTHER PEOPLES Also. GOD DAM LATINO REBELS AND YOUR GOD DAM CHILDREN AND YOUR FAMILIES. TOO MANY CITIZENS AND CHILDREN HAVE BEEN KILLED. CURSE AND GOD DAM LATINO REBELS AND YOUR HISPANICS LATINOS, THOSE MURDERS AND KILLERS AND THOSE ASSAULTS. GOD DAM your Latinos Hispanics Murders Peoples and their GOD DAM CHILDREN and FAMILIES forever.

Just a week in the life of Latino Rebels.

As for our official response?