With Central American Migrants in Tijuana, Live Video Shows Mexicans Yelling ‘Mexico First’ and ‘Go Away’

Nov 15, 2018
8:20 AM

A video posted early Thursday morning by the Facebook page of Síntesis TV shows a group of people in Tijuana threatening Central American migrants who have arrived in their city.


The video starts with some in the group yelling, “Mexico first!” and “Go away!” in Spanish.

“Our security is first,” a man in the video says in Spanish. “Mexico first. Our families first. Our nation first. Then them. They left violence from their countries and they will find it here. If you don’t do it, we will do it ourselves…. Fuck them. Fuck them. Long live Mexico!”

At this point in the video, the group apparently sees a Central American migrant, but the police begin to intervene, even though we hear the mean say, “We are Mexicans. Fuck Honduras” in the video. Later in the video, a woman starts cursing about the migrants.

A live video from Hugo Castro of Border Angels published on Thursday morning showed some Tijuana residents throwing rocks at migrants:


A longer video showing some migrants arriving in Tijuana was also posted by Síntesis.