In Latest National Poll on Top Problems in US, Gallup Equates ‘Illegal Aliens’ With Immigration: Why?

Nov 20, 2018
4:18 PM

The latest poll results from Gallup published on Wednesday concludes that Americans view immigration as the nation’s top problem, but when one looks at the actual answers shared with respondents, the poll equated “illegal aliens” with the topic of immigration, suggesting that some respondents might have been reacting to “illegal aliens” as the nation’s top problem and not necessarily immigration in general.

As the data from the Gallup poll clearly shows:

Even when Gallup broke down responses by Republicans and Democrats, the “immigration/illegal aliens” label is also used:

Use of the label “illegal aliens” and equating it to immigration raised some serious questions about how the poll is being framed. As our founder tweeted out:

In addition, there’s this as well:

And let’s not get started on the fact that terms like “illegal aliens” have a controversial history. Why does a group like Gallup continue to use term like these that so many media outlets have rejected for years? (And sorry, just because the government uses it is not an answer.)

Latino Rebels contacted Gallup for comment about the poll and why it framed the topics as it did. As of this posting, Gallup hasn’t responded. If if does, we will share what it says.