Former CBP Deputy Chief Defends Use of Pepper Spray on Migrants Because ‘You Could Actually Put It on Your Nachos and Eat It’

Nov 26, 2018
10:30 AM

Here is one find from Media Matters, who posted the following clip from Monday morning’s Fox & Friends. It is part of an interview with Border Patrol Foundation President Rob Colburn.

“And to clarify, the type of deterrent being used is OC pepper spray,” Colburn said. “It’s literally water, pepper, with a small amount of alcohol for evaporation purposes. It’s natural. You could actually put it on your nachos and eat it. So it’s a good way of deterring people without long-term harm.”

And this as well: “This particular group, the caravan, which has been well-organized and supported from outside sources, has a core of violence to it that basically communicates a sense of entitlement. These are persons that one would like to think are true refugees, but they’re not showing that in their actions.”

Ready? Hit it, Gollum.

By the way, what is the Border Patrol Foundation? What their site says:

“The mission of the Border Patrol Foundation (BPF) is to honor the memory of fallen U.S. Border Patrol agents and provide support and resources to the families. BPF provides support to those employed by the Border Patrol  for on-and off-duty deaths,  injuries, illnesses, family medical emergencies, special circumstances and student scholarships.”

Colburn is former CBP deputy chief, but is now part of the Border Patrol Foundation.

And if you care about actual statistics, being a CBP agent is not as dangerous as say, being a police officer. And the number of fallen agents pales in comparison to the migrant deaths at the border.

But whatever, you can put pepper spray on your nachos.