NAHJ Responds to Assault on Migrant Caravan, News Coverage

Nov 26, 2018
9:45 AM
Originally published at NAHJ

The following media release was published Monday morning by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ):

Washington, D.C. — The National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) President Hugo Balta condemns the assaults against migrants currently seeking asylum at the border. It is imperative for all newsrooms to dedicate the appropriate resources and journalists in covering the current humanitarian crisis.

Earlier today, the United States Border Patrol unleashed tear gas on the caravan of refugees. Newsrooms should be conscious that accurate context while reporting helps to frame a story appropriately and gives specific definition to language used during coverage. It is a fact that seeking asylum is both a human and legal right.

When coverage is poorly executed it can quickly contribute to the growing trend of profiling Latinos as scapegoats for a variety of society’s ills. Consequently, hate speech leads to discrimination and threats against the Latino community. As journalists, from concept to execution, the impact is large enough where just as a report has the ability to quickly inform, it also has the ability to cause great damage to communities. NAHJ implores media to challenge false narratives and claims, instead of relaying propaganda and calculated strategy by politicians.

Once again, NAHJ questions the choice of words by the Associated Press Sunday in an attempt to describe the migrants as they “march toward US border in show of force.”

In this case, it is not accurate to use language that imply war and invasion to describe a courageous group fleeing environments of terror and violence. On the contrary, NAHJ member Adolfo Flores uses the same word (march) here, but does not pair it with “loaded” context to achieve unbiased and fair reporting.

This story comes with great responsibility. NAHJ expects the appropriate resources and journalists be dedicated to creating quality in storytelling, providing a moral force. NAHJ believes that responsible, fair, and non-simplistic coverage of this complex issue is in order. The words used can be part of the problem or can contribute to fair and accurate coverage and a fruitful public debate.


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