What Happens Next to Migrants in Tijuana, Mexico? (VIDEO)

Dec 4, 2018
11:03 AM

The following video report from Tijuana, Mexico, was produced by José Angelo Gallegos, who spoke directly with some of the individuals who are waiting to see what will happen to their lives.

According to email that Gallegos sent to us on Tuesday, here is what he found from this reporting:

  • Caravan migrants have applied for working visas for Mexico and started to look for work opportunities in Tijuana.
  • Some migrants are angry about their proposed work compensation and feel they are being taken advantage of: 12 hours for 150 pesos.
  • There are plans for another big march, but no date has been confirmed.
  • Women who travel alone form groups and strengthen each other. When the women sleep, they trust in a few men to watch them
  • The citizens of Tijuana are anxious and divided about coexisting with migrants.