People vs. Amazon

Dec 5, 2018
3:55 PM

Amazon says it wants to build one of its headquarters in Long Island City in Queens, and communities are taking a vow to fight back. The retail giant is already feeling the pressure from the strong opposition as many ask: why give Amazon big tax breaks instead of investing in communities? For the people of Long Island City, this isn’t the first time they take a stand against big money interests.

Watch this episode of #AmandaLaQueManda by Amanda Alcántara to learn more.

Latino Rebels reached out to Queens Neighborhoods United for a statement, here’s what they said:

“Our communities of Jackson Heights, Corona and Elmhurst, which are heavily immigrant communities are located few miles from LIC but we are already feeling the effects of gentrification and expulsion. As a grassroots organization with no political ties, we are committed to fighting Amazon and any entity who thinks they can enter our community and extract resources from our working class immigrant community. We won’t stop until Amazon, an anti-immigrant, anti-union, anti -worker, racist company is out of our borough and city. We will not settle for compromises, ever.”