A US ‘Minuteman’ Goes on TRT World TV to Say Migrants on Border Should Just Be Shot

Dec 6, 2018
9:01 AM

So we are sure that you aren’t watching much TRT World these days, but this week, we caught a segment about the current migrant situation on the U.S.-Mexico border, since we knew that Enrique Morones of Border Angels was going to be a guest. Yet in the interest of showing the “other side,” the segment also featured Robert Crooks, founder of Mountain Minutemen, and a (surprise, surprise) Donald Trump supporter.

At one point in the segment, Crooks goes off on his propaganda and doesn’t get challenged, but then he said this: “Today’s rubber, tomorrow’s lead. Get it through their heads. They’re not coming across. This is America…”

Here the host interrupted Crooks: “When you say, ‘tomorrow’s lead,’ does that mean that these people should be killed?”

“If they don’t get into their heads that they can’t get into this country,” Crooks said, “what are you going to do to them?”

You can watch the whole segment below.