Demystifying Mental Health in Latina/o Communities: A Cal Poly Pomona Discussion (VIDEO)

Dec 10, 2018
5:53 AM

One of our regular contributors, Alvaro Huerta, let us know about “Demystifying Mental Health in Latina/o Communities,” a recent event he moderated Cal Poly Pomona. The event took place on November 13 and according to Huerta, he wanted to sh.ed more light on a topic many in the Latino community try to avoid

“The main thing is to educate young people about some of the stigmas behind mental illness and to provide medical facts from experts in the field that can debunk a lot of these myths,” Huerta told The Poly Post. “For me, it’s more education, demystifying it and having us to be more open-minded, but also informed, specifically in medical terms, to see solutions available.”