‘Mr. Resistance’ Mitt Romney Tells CNN, ‘I Would Vote for the Border Wall’

Jan 3, 2019
12:19 PM

Will all this talk about how Utah senator Mitt Romney is the new resister to Donald Trump, hold up. As Mr. Resistance told Jake Tapper on Tuesday night about whether or not Romney would side with Trump on a border wall and the government shutdown:

“I would vote for the border wall. I’ve made that part of my platform for many, many years. I think we should have a border wall on our southern border, and whether it’s a wall or a fence or technology and perhaps in some cases the natural landscape prevents people from coming into the country easily, by we’ve ought to secure our border.”

Right after that, Romney noted: “That’s necessary but insufficient. We have to do a lot more in terms of our E-Verify system, in terms of our visa tracking systems, and so forth, and we need to make it easier in some respects for people to come here legally and work here temporarily and then go home, particularly in the agricultural industry.”

Here’s the video clip.

But what do expect from the 2012 presidential candidate who pushed for self-deportation?